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12 Hole Table Top Centrifuge Price in BD

Small centrifuge can save your ‘A 0 &rig desk space – ASB outer shelf can resist – Auto balancing system can offer quiet and stable operation – With safety swath, when lids lifted dung operation, the rotor will stop – All models can accommodate variable centrifuge tube size from 1.5ml spinning to 1.5 without chancing rotor

Binocular Microscope BN-107 Price in BD

Product Description: The Binocular Microscope BN-107 (Model: XSZ-107BN) is a versatile tool for biological observations and scientific research. With its

Biological Compound L101 Monocular Microscope Price in BD

Biological Compound L101 Monocular Microscope, a professional-grade instrument with a magnification range of 25X-675X. It features high-quality eyepieces and objectives for precise observations. The sturdy metal body ensures durability, and the monocular vertical tube offers comfortable viewing. The microscope has a concave-plano reflector for even illumination and both coarse and fine adjustment for precise focusing. The working stage provides ample space, and optional electrical illumination is available. Made in China with a 2-year warranty, it's an essential tool for biologists and students.

Blood Collection Tube 2ml Price in BD

Blood Collection Tube is a versatile tool used in clinical settings for blood tests and analyses. It comes in different colors, each serving a specific purpose with varying additives or anticoagulants. Some examples include:
  • Red Cap: For serum biochemistry tests.
  • Yellow Cap: Quick serum biochemistry tests with separation gel and clot activator.
  • Blue Cap: Blood coagulation tests with sodium citrate anticoagulant.
  • Grey Cap: Blood glucose tests with EDTA or Sodium Fluoride anticoagulant.
  • Green Cap: Blood rheology tests with Lithium or Sodium heparin anticoagulant.
  • Aqua Cap: Quick plasma biochemistry tests with separation gel and Lithium heparin.
  • White Cap: Nucleic acid detection tests with separation gel and EDTA.
  • Purple Cap: Whole blood tests with EDTA-2K or EDTA-3K anticoagulant.
  • Black Cap: ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) tests with sodium citrate anticoagulant.
These tubes ensure the integrity of blood samples and facilitate accurate laboratory results.

Digital Colorimeter Price in Bangladesh

  • Brand: Labtronics
  • Origin: India
  • Standard Glass Filter: 8
  • Minimum Volume: 1 ml
  • Display: 2 1/2 Digit LED
  • Range: 400-700 nm

Digital Hemoglobin Meter Price in BD

  • Filters, glass, 420, 470, 530, 620, 660 nm.
  • Displays digital (20F) or turnout (19F) display
  • Scale of transmission O to 100% (ECM-19F)
  • The absorption of O to -2 LogT (ECM-19F, ECM-20F)
  • Silicon Photodiode detector
  • Light Source of 6 V, 0.5 A Tungsten
  •  Glass Vials of 12 mm diameter 105 mm, 10 mm inner diameter
  • Flow cell 10 mm inner diameter
  • Sample volume of 1 ml (cell) 2,5 ml (flow cell)
  • Supply Voltage 220 V 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions 250 X 145
  • Weight: 3,5 kg