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Folee Oxygen Concentrator 5L Price in BD


Folee Oxygen Concentrator 5L, an advanced and feature-rich medical device designed to enhance oxygen therapy. With a wide range of functions and user-friendly features, this concentrator offers optimal respiratory support. Let's explore its remarkable attributes and key functions:

  1. On/Off: Easily activate or deactivate the concentrator with a simple switch for effortless operation.
  2. Time: Keep track of time with a built-in clock, allowing precise monitoring during therapy sessions.
  3. Anion: Enjoy the potential benefits of air purification through the release of anions, promoting a cleaner environment.
  4. Once/Total: Exercise real-time control over oxygen inhalation duration and monitor the cumulative total working time for efficient therapy management.
  5. Flow Regulation Knob: Adjust the oxygen flow rate using the intuitive knob to meet personalized therapy requirements.
  6. Oxygen Display: Stay informed about the delivered oxygen concentration through the clear display, ensuring accurate monitoring.
  7. Humidifier Catching Groove: Conveniently secure the humidifier bottle in the designated groove, facilitating effective humidification during therapy.
  8. Air Inlet Cover: Protect the concentrator's air intake area from dust and debris, ensuring optimal performance and durability.
  9. Nebulization Port: For models with nebulization functions, administer targeted respiratory treatments using aerosolized medication.
  10. Switch: Easily control and toggle between different functions and settings for seamless operation.
  11. Fuse: Equipped with a fuse for enhanced electrical protection and safety during operation.
  12. Air Outlet: Deliver oxygen-enriched air through the designated outlet, ensuring efficient and effective therapy delivery.
  13. Brand: Folee - a trusted and reputable brand in the field of medical devices.
  14. Origin: Made in China, adhering to rigorous quality standards and manufacturing processes.

Kaiyang KYZ2002-5L Oxygen Concentrator Price in BD

Kaiyang KYZ2002-5L High Performance Oxygen Concentrator is a medical device designed to provide a concentrated supply of oxygen to individuals who require supplemental oxygen therapy. It is commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and home care settings to assist patients with respiratory conditions.